OG Bath And Bubbles Set

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It's time to relax with the OG Bath and Bubbles Set. Splish-splash in the bath having fun with a rubber duck, or use your favourite beauty products and lie back among the bubbles. Any OG doll would love this bathroom accessory set, whether that's to relax after riding, dancing or a hard day at work, or simply for fun and pleasure.

The OG Bath and Bubbles Set comes with some bathing essentials, including soap, shampoo and conditioner. It also has some deluxe products, like bath salts and a foot pumice. Take a deep breath and let all your troubles go, OG dolls.

Bath time is the best time for making bubbles. Can you hear those bubbles bubbling?

Remember, the best bath for your OG dolls is an imaginary one! Please don’t put your OG dolls in water; it could damage them. Use your imagination, or just the buttons on the bath for bathtime sound affects.


  • 1 electronic bathtub

  • 1 bath tray

  • 1 bath brush

  • 2 bars of soap

  • 1 bottle of lotion

  • 1 jar of foot cream

  • 1 foot pumice

  • 1 jar of bath salts

  • 1 bottle of shampoo

  • 1 bottle of conditioner

  • 1 rubber duck

  • 1 bath mat

Our Generation Home Accessories Set suitable for Our Generation 18 inch (45cm) dolls

Age 3+

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