Lake Regular Our Generation Doll

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Lake loves a sleepover with her friends. Together with her Our Generation friends, she enjoys watching films and playing games, practicing with her make-up and telling stories. Time to snuggle up, chat and giggle until light's out.

All prepared to go to bed, even if she'd rather not sleep just yet with her friends around, Our Generation Lake has her fuzzy slippers and pink dressing gown on. Remember to brush your hair and teeth before bed, though Lake might like some help from a new friend.

"My dreams are as sweet as cotton candy! Dreams are sweeter when we share them with friends!"

Our Generation Lake is a non-poseable doll, so she can turn at the neck, shoulders and hips, so she can sit up to talk with her friends, stand up to fetch more snacks, or lie down to close her eyes and sleep.

Because she loves a sleepover so much, why not help Our Generation Lake share the fun with a Polka Dot Sleepover Set, with a sleepbag, playing cards and snacks? Or perhaps a Sleepover Party Set, for a bit of fun with make-up, nail varnish and a curling iron?


  • 1 18'' non-poseable doll
  • 1 nightie
  • 1 dressing gown
  • 1 pair of undies
  • 1 pair of slippers

18 inch (45cm) Our Generation Regular Doll

Age 3+

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