Hattie Deluxe Our Generation Marine Biologist Doll

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Flippers on, it's time to go diving with Hattie, the Our Generation Professional Marine Biologist. She's all suited up and ready for exploring under the sea, to learn about all the different fish and plants beneath the waves. Is it really work if it's this much fun?

As a Professional Marine Biologist, Our Generation Hattie has her diving mask, diving vest and air tank on, so she's prepared to take the plunge and explore the deep.

"Let’s make a few waves of our own! Ready for underwater adventure!"

Our Generation Hattie is a non-posable doll, so she can turn at the neck, shoulders and hips, making front crawl Hattie's favourite swimming stroke. Though she's just as good at back stroke.

As a scientist, Our Generation Hattie will need to spend some time in the science labs, so maybe she could use this OG School Room Science Lab to get some of that work done. Fully equipped with a bunsen burner, beakers and a functional microscope, remember safety means that Hattie will need to wear the apron, glasses and gloves before any experiments in this lab.


  • 1 18" non-poseable doll
  • 1 swimsuit
  • 1 diving mask
  • 1 pair of fins
  • 1 diving vest
  • 1 air tank
  • 1 functional diving light

18 inch (45cm) Our Generation Professional Doll

Age 3+

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